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Tips on Phone Accessories

Post  dhanjay on Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:56 pm

Bluetooth Devices
] Keep headset within 8 to 10 feet of phone to get optimum clarity.
2] Solid objects such as walls between headset and phone should be avoided.
3] Keep the phone and the headset on the same side of your body.
4] If you set the headset as authorized, it will keep connecting to your phone.
5] In Bluetooth settings, set the phone's visibility to hidden to avoid any attempts of Bluejacking. 6] Wireless Bluetooth speakers can be used while driving or in a room to listen to music or for voice conversations.
7] Polycom's Voice station VS500 enables Bluetooth phones to be paired and function in the same way as a headset.
8] Bluetooth speakerphones are an ideal option for those who do not wan to use a headset. They can be used in the car too.
9] A Bluetooth car kit is goodif you spend lots of time driving. The kit will automatically mute the stereo if you accept the call.
10] Many newer phones feature Bluetooth wireless printing. »

Wired Hand free kits

1] Make sure that the connecting jack of the handsfree is secure.
2] While disconnecting the hands free kit, do not pull hard on the wire but on the jack .
3] You can connect speakers to your phone by using hands free kits with 3.5mm jacks (AD 46 for Nokia, HPM 82 for SE ).
4] The hands free kit acts as the FM antenna for your phone, so always keep the cable out of your pocket.
5] The microphone picks up ambient sounds, so keep the microphone as close to your mouth as possible by clasping it.

» Memory Cards

1] Different phones support different types of memory cards (miniSD, microSD, Memory Stick Duo etc). Check the manual to find out which card your phone uses.
2 Most phones only accept memory cards up to 2GB. Some, like the the Nokia N95 and the HTC Touch support 4GB cards.
3] Always buy memory cards of known brands such as Kingston, Transcend, Nokia, Sony and SanDisk.
4] When buying a memory card, check the seal and hologram.
5] Use a USB card reader to transfer data to and from between computer and memory card.

»Other Accessories

1] You can buy a Bluetooth GPS adapter and turn your mobile phone into a full fledged GPS easily (see pg 94).
2] Sony Ericsson's Bluetooth watch allows you to keep a tab on incoming calls and messages (review on pg 65).
3] FM music transmitters can transmit music from your phone to a car stereo or home theatre system wirelessly.
4] You can buy a full-size, foldable Bluetooth keyboard for your phone from :: SPiN ::.
5] Extend battery life using extenders from APC and Just Mobile. Just connect via USB for extra power on the go.


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