Conversation Maurichien :P

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Conversation Maurichien :P

Post  Kevish on Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:01 pm

Warning - Not to be read if you do not understand CREOLE Lol

Conversation of 2 Mauritian youngsters - Picpac and Ticolo
Ready, sit back and relax... This is going to be husband comic

Picpac: Wawa qui maniere, Ticolo? Tou correk?

Ticolo: My English professor has asked me to speak English only; Let us speak English. This will improve my English knowledge.

Picpac: OK, what are you called?

Ticolo: Ticolo; and you?

Picpac: Picpac.

Ticolo: Where do you rest?

Picpac: At Four Coconut. And you?

Ticolo: At Red Earth near a halfbig shop.

Picpac: It is husband hot in this stadium.

Ticolo: You have reason. I am transpirating! How are you doing at school? Are you breaking the packet?

Picpac: Yes, my father told me if I fail, my saucepan will be hot.

Ticolo: I gain thirsty. Have you something to drink ?

Picpac: Yes, I have some dead water. Do you want some?

Ticolo: Yes.Thank you. If you gain hungry, I have got fried apple of the earth.

Picpac: No. Thank you. I have bought some dholl rotten with curry big weight and curry apple of love.

Ticolo: Are you taking part in the sports?

Picpac: No. I am blessed in the foot.

Ticolo: What have you got?

Picpac: The baby of curry rock fell on it.

Ticolo: Do you hurt much?

Picpac: Of course! I saw lightnings.

(Suddenly there was a commotion in the centre of the field and many pupils had assembled)

Ticolo: Stay here. I am going to see what arrived.

(A few minutes later,he returns and announces): A boy fell down without knowledge. The professor says it is because of the sun. He is called zoreille. Do you know him?

Picpac: Yes, but he is not my army. He is a coconut eater. It is not easy with him.

Ticolo: Look at the small boy. He wants to run with a big. He will not be capable.

Picpac: I know him. He runs quickly. Small knife cut big pumpkin. His sister is a beautiful thirty-five. I am trying to put her in a circle, but I have no money. I am waiting for my condemned box to fill. Now my hand is under rock.

Ticolo: We must marry picker. I give you money.

Picpac: Don't tell her brother. If he knows, he will untie our race. He is a small chilli.

Ticolo: Are you to rest here a long time?

Picpac: No. If I felt an occasion, I am going to break the pause at Rose-Hill.

(He stood up and inadvertently crushed his friend's foot).

Ticolo: Eh, you monkey, you are blessing me again. You cannot make attention.

Picpac: Sorry, my black.

(At this instant the teacher sees the 2 talking)


Wahahahahaha GRO GRO GRO GRO LOL!!!! lol!


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Re: Conversation Maurichien :P

Post  Host Intruder on Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:30 pm

lol! Mari seryť !! lol!

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